MPD client for QtMoko?

Neil Jerram neil at
Mon Jul 22 13:49:11 CEST 2013

Liz <edodd at> writes:

> On Mon, 22 Jul 2013 12:02:15 +0100
> Nick <openmoko-community at> wrote:
>> Quoth Neil Jerram:
>> > Nick <openmoko-community at> writes:
>> > 
>> > > Hi,
>> > >
>> > > I recently set up MPD on my home server, which is excellent. Is 
>> > > there a MPD client available for QtMoko? It would be a useful
>> > > thing to have.
>> > 
>> > Does MPD do remote streaming?  I thought it was a local server idea
>> > only.
>> The remote server has all the music, and the client just sends 
>> commands like "play this", "add this to the playlist", etc. I don't 
>> think it can do remote streaming, but all my music is on my little 
>> server anyway.
> mpd can be set up to use icecast, and then remote stream
> it's not something i have done with my mpd server
> the usual use of a mpd client is to control the server as Nick says

Thanks, I see now.  I thought Nick wanted to stream music from his home
server and hear it through headphones on his phone, but I see now that
he still wants sound to emerge from speakers attached to the home
server, not from the phone, and so is only using the phone as a remote

Having understand that, my answer to the original question is that I'm
afraid I don't know.

If it doesn't exist already, I imagine it would be a simple program to
write.  The meta-question then is: what is the best/quickest/easiest RAD
setup for writing a quick program like this for QtMoko?

I don't have an answer to that (either) for QtMoko precisely.  For a
generic Debian + X11 base, my current best answer is PyQt + QML (aka
QtQuick aka QtDeclarative), because

- it doesn't require any compilation cycles

- QML seems quite pleasant and easy to write in

- the Python part still allows for arbitrary interaction with the rest
  of the phone system.

I believe that QtMoko itself doesn't include PyQt, and that it would
conflict with Debian's PyQt, and so that won't just work for QtMoko too
- but I could be wrong there.

Hope these are somewhat useful thoughts...


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