GTA02 grave problems on high speed trains

francesco.devita at francesco.devita at
Wed Jul 24 12:25:07 CEST 2013

My GTA02 has a really strange (and frustrating) behaviour during my 
trips on high speed trains. I can surely exclude coincidences and 
localized events because I have a sort of statistic. During the last 12 
months I did more then 6 trips on high speed trains and every time, 
without exceptions, I experienced these issues:
- loss of phone functionalities
- freezings
- wakeup (after suspend) malfunctions
- mmcblk0 I/O errors (??)

and they occur more than a time, generally during a trip I have to 
restart or manually shutdown my GTA02 at least 3 times, when I'm lucky.
The last trip was yesterday, I rebooted the GTA02 4 times! And, as 
always, before and after the trip there are no issues, like right now.

I only used QtMoko and always had this behaviour with every version. I 
didn't use wifi, gps and bluetooth.

I suspect that the primary cause is the gsm modem... maybe it has 
problems in switching and registering to different gsm cells when 
someone is moving at 300 km/h or when the signals are low. So maybe it 
"stalls" and cause a lot of troubles.
Also, to strengthen this hypotesis there is the fact that I have similar 
but slighter problems when using the subways or moving in places with 
low gsm signals.

What do you think?


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