GTA02 grave problems on high speed trains

francesco.devita at francesco.devita at
Thu Jul 25 10:46:29 CEST 2013

The GSM firmware is the last one, Moko11.
I'm using an original openmoko battery bought a couple of months ago. 
Surely it is from a stock but I don't know if its performance degradated 
during the years. It seems to me that it works well.

The only thing that I didn't test it is the deep sleep deactivated for 
the #1024 bug. Strange enough, in all these years I didn't have so much 
trouble to think to be affected by this bug (it is a GTA02A7) so I 
always turned on the deep sleep. Yeah I should have checked it following 
the procedure [1] but I admit to have been too lazy to play with FSO.
Now I deactivated the deep sleep to see how my GTA02 behave but I have 
to wait till the next train trip to test it.

So apparently it's true that there are not two equals GTA02 in this world :)



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