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On Thu 25 July 2013 17:31:09 urodelo wrote:
> it is not illegal (why should it  be? )  android already implements
> something similar
> i would prefer something which closes the connection once it arrives to my
> phone; the meaning for the calling number is: don't bother me
> that's also because if i let it ring (even if there's no vibration or
> tone), it wastes my poor battery
> your answering machine isn't easy to create for me

As explained before, you got two options then:
A) reject the call (find proper AT command or whatever for that)
B) shut down modem (AT+CFUN=0 or sth)
A will create a busy signal at callers end, B will usually result in "the 
number you've called is temporarily not available"

Worth noting that you need to keep up the AT+CFUN state for >5..10s and then 
revert to CFUN=2 or what's normal status, to allow further calls in as well as 
There *might* be a dedicated command defined in GSM/3GPP to reject a call with 
"temprarily not available", which would be the better alternative to shutting 
down modem for 10s. You have to find out, I don't know off top of my head.
Also I can't give any advice how to implement any of that on qtmoko. I _could_ 
tell you how to do it on maemo, with a 5..10 shellscript lines (buzzword dbus-


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