Build application for QtMoko with qemu-armhf

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Fri Jul 26 23:29:01 CEST 2013


- Generate device (arm)specific SDK using build instruction.
- Make use of qbuild to compile your application.


On 7/27/13, Adrien Dorsaz <adrien at> wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm a little bit lost with the use of my qemu buildhost to compile and
> create my own QtMoko application.
> Right now, I was able to compile my own application with the chroot
> image, upload it on my GTA04 and run it without big issues. If you are
> interested in my application it's available on github [1]. It's just a
> configuration and graphical tool to use ics2qtcal to be able to get
> online calendar.
> I was able too, finally, to make my own qemu-arm Debian Wheezy image
> following these steps [2]. But to be able to compile my application I
> need QtMoko dev libraries. As you can see I've tried to simply configure
> and make like on chroot, but I wasn't able to finish compiling (I didn't
> have files of qtopia in the good place).
> So, my question is : Now I'm able to emulate an armhf computer, what
> should I make to continue compilation ? Should I read the old QtExtended
> documentation [3] or should I take the qtmoko-chroot-armhf script and
> apply same methods ?
> Regards,
> Adrien
> [1] :
> [2] :
> [3] :

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