Crowdfunding an Ubuntu smartphone (right now)

Lukas Märdian luk at
Tue Jul 30 22:53:24 CEST 2013

Am 30.07.2013 22:43, schrieb Carsten Gerlach:
> Am 30.07.2013 20:59, schrieb Joshua Judson Rosen:
>> They've already raised just over $7-million in just over 7 days; if
>> they can keep up that momentum, maybe they /can/ actually meet the
>> goal.
> Well, I wish them that they reach this goal, but it will be a hard
> way, see
> Btw: Does anybody know if Ubuntu Touch is or will be working on the
> Freerunner / GTA02 /GTA04?


up to now nobody stepped up to show a running Ubuntu Touch on the
OpenPhoenux GTA04, but technically it should absolutely be possible.

Currently the GTA04 comes pre-installed with Debian, which is very
similar to the Ubuntu system. Also I easily installed and ran
Ubuntu-Core once. Running the Ubuntu Touch GUI should only be a matter
of apt-get install'ing the missing parts and doing a correct
configuration (this is probably the harder part). Even (non-free) 3D
drivers are available, if needed for the Ubuntu Touch GUI.

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