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just would like to mention my needs, and unfortunately I cannot satisfy 
them with your project. I would even tell, I don't have a need for voice 
communications. But if I were, I would use something over Internet, like 
So I don't need a "phone", but a mobile computer, which may benefit from 
having a microphone and speaker.
Also, routing voice traffic through the Intrenet is a way to not be 
obliged to pay to carrier per minute or per text message. I think that 
carriers earn too much money just because not all the people still used 
to Internet.
I prefer getting a data plan and pay monthly, while using encrypted 
communications for mail and chat.

So I use gprs only in order to have Internet. Not to call or receive 
regular calls. I believe, if we get Internet, then we can manage the 
rest without carriers.

04/02/14 07:00 -ում, Michael Spacefalcon-ը գրել է:
> "Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller" <hns at> wrote:
>> I have received a rumor that somebody is working on a
>> truly free and open phone
> This part is in fact true.
>> with the following specs:
> But the specs you have in mind are wrong.
>> * Quad-Core Intel Z3770D (1.5 - 2.5 GHz)
> Nope, it's an ARM7TDMI @ 52 MHz, chip made by TI, codename "Calypso",
> from TI's Greek mythology series.
>> * 4GB RAM
> Don't need that much; 8 MiB of pSRAM (combined with NOR flash as part
> of the S71PL129NC0 MCP by Spansion) is way more than enough for a good
> phone.  (For comparison, the Motorola C139 I'm currently playing with
> makes do just fine with only 512 KiB.)
>> * 128 GB eMMC
> Again, unnecessary complexity and bloat.  Mine will have 16 MiB of NOR
> flash instead: S71PL129NC0 provides two flash banks of 8 MiB each; one
> will be for the firmware (execute in place), the other for user data
> storage.  (For comparison, the user data flash partition on the C139
> is only 320 KiB.)
>> * LTE with free and open baseband
> GSM, not LTE - much better for plain old voice phone calls, which is
> what a *phone* is for.  But the free and open part is absolutely
> correct!
>> * 5 inch full HD display
> Unnecessary for a phone.  I plan on using a 128x160 pixel 1.77" color
> LCD (TFT), which is quite luxurious compared to Mot C139/V66/etc.
>> * <100g
> That sounds about right.
>> * 4000 mAh battery
> Not sure if I can get a battery with such capacity, but because I'm
> using TI's source code with proper power management (unlike OsmocomBB),
> even a 1000 mAh battery can last a good while.
>> * runs any x86 OS (i.e. Linux, Windows, Hackintosh, ...)
> It is beyond me why would anyone in his or her right mind want to run
> such complex, bloated and unreliable software on a *phone*, a device
> whose primary purpose is to provide ultra-reliable voice communication
> when all else fails, including emergency communication for potentially
> life-threatening situations.
>> * shall cost less than Nexus 5
> The very limited number of units I will physically produce myself will
> probably have a very steep price tag, but unlike you I'm going to put
> the gerber files, BOM and everything else on, so any
> community member will be able to produce it herself at whatever price
> her chosen PCB fab + parts suppliers + assembly house + RF calibration
> lab charge.
>> Looks like some "dream machine" :)
> You and I have different dreams.
> Oh, and if someone were to build your April Fool's device for real, it
> should NOT be called GTA-anything, because it is not GSM-TI-AGPS.  I
> am not calling my Free Dumb Phone GTAxx either - while the 'G' and 'T'
> parts are true for my design, the 'A' part is not.  I do like the
> 3 letters + 2 digits model naming scheme, but my letters won't be GTA.
> VLR,
> SF
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