Openmoko GTA06

Norayr Chilingarian norayr at
Fri Apr 11 08:37:37 CEST 2014

04/11/14 03:08 -ում, Michael Spacefalcon-ը գրել է:
> I don't know how things stand in your part of the world, but here in
> USA the carriers only want to sell mobile data services while giving
> voice and SMS away for free - so it is the direct opposite of what you
> are picturing: old-fashioned voice calls and SMS are free here,
> whereas "Internet" packet data costs $$$.
Yes, probably because they have this "call" and "sms" possibility. But I 
am quite sure, in your part of the world they must have possibility to 
get a plan, where "calls" and "texts" are prohibited, but Internet is 
unlimited, and just pay for it monthly fee.

Then, if their friends know how to use Internet for "calls" and "texts" 
they can refuse from using "phones"  as devices, like washing machines, 
designed for specific tasks, in this case - calls via carriers, and I 
see carriers gradually would become just an ISP's, not less and not more.

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