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Fri Apr 11 08:49:17 CEST 2014

need to add that the other thing we need, apart from encrypted calls, 
via gsm, as in your case, or over tcp/ip, as in my case, we need, yes, 
possibility to change IMEI's and use anonymous SIM cards, in order to 
prevent permanent tracking.

04/11/14 10:37 -ում, Norayr Chilingarian-ը գրել է:
> 04/11/14 03:08 -ում, Michael Spacefalcon-ը գրել է:
>> I don't know how things stand in your part of the world, but here in
>> USA the carriers only want to sell mobile data services while giving
>> voice and SMS away for free - so it is the direct opposite of what you
>> are picturing: old-fashioned voice calls and SMS are free here,
>> whereas "Internet" packet data costs $$$.
> Yes, probably because they have this "call" and "sms" possibility. But I
> am quite sure, in your part of the world they must have possibility to
> get a plan, where "calls" and "texts" are prohibited, but Internet is
> unlimited, and just pay for it monthly fee.
> Then, if their friends know how to use Internet for "calls" and "texts"
> they can refuse from using "phones"  as devices, like washing machines,
> designed for specific tasks, in this case - calls via carriers, and I
> see carriers gradually would become just an ISP's, not less and not more.
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