transfer system in NAND to uSDcard

arne anka openmoko at
Sat Jan 18 23:33:49 CET 2014

boot from an sdcard, mount the internal partition[1], tar from it (make  
sure to sue the right params to store everything, or maybe you should just  
dd it to get an image you can play with at will).

[1] not sure anymore what partition that is, but inside your running system
should tell you. if net, the list's archive or wiki should turn up  

> Hi
> I've a system in the NAND memory of my freerunner that I would like to  
> transfer as is to uSDcard and run it from there.
> I couldn't find any info on the wiki for making a tar.gz archive of the  
> system. Does such exist anywhere? If not, would someone give a few  
> pointers of how to do this please
> Thanks

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