testing the free calypso software

Michael Spacefalcon msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Sat Jan 25 21:14:52 CET 2014

David Matthews <mail at dmatthews.org> wrote:

> I've done a bit of work, which I hope will encourage other people to give it
> a test. There is a full write up at http://winterveldt.co.za/leo2moko.html,
> with links to a distro I've prepared for the sole purpose of flashing your
> freerunner's calypso - either with leo2moko or moko11 firmware.

Thanks, David!

And just in time, I've got a new release of loadtools out:


Changes from loadtools-r1 to loadtools-r2:

* A flash ID check has been implemented in fc-loadtool, invoked automatically
  before doing any erase or program operations, or explicitly at any time with
  the flash info command.  This check ensures that the type of flash chip in
  the target GSM device is the same as what loadtool thinks it is, based on the
  hardware parameters file.

* fc-xram command line syntax changed slightly in order to support immediate
  passing of the serial line to rvinterf/rvtdump.

* Miscellaneous minor polish.

Note that because the uSD card distro which David just put together
does not include loadtools internally (requires the use of the serial
cable instead, with loadtools running on your PC), nothing in that
distro became outdated as a result of this new loadtools release.  Just
download the new loadtools and build them on your GNU/Linux PC.


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