testing the free calypso software

David Matthews mail at dmatthews.org
Sat Jan 25 21:30:28 CET 2014

>Note that because the uSD card distro which David just put together
>does not include loadtools internally (requires the use of the serial
>cable instead, with loadtools running on your PC), nothing in that
>distro became outdated as a result of this new loadtools release.  Just
>download the new loadtools and build them on your GNU/Linux PC.

Sure Michael - it's as you say. My write up and the distro are for the cable method only, so the new release of loadtools does not does not push it past sell by date. 

Thanks for the heads up though, because I'm eventually aiming to produce a sdcard distro that gives the option to use either method and that will need to have the latest loadtools installed. 

David Matthews
mail at dmatthews.org

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