testing the free calypso software

Norayr Chilingarian norayr at arnet.am
Mon Jan 27 17:04:38 CET 2014

I did not publish it in the mailing list, so here is link to my manual:


If anyone who has wiki account wants to use it as reference, or even
to copy the text entirely, feel free and encouraged to do that.

01/27/14 07:17 -ում, Giacomo 'giotti' Mariani-ը գրել է:
> Hi David, Michael, all, thanks a lot for your work, it is very
> emotional to see this "little" piece of freedom rising!
> I'm still not brave enough to risk my only (I mean in all my life
> time so far) mobile phone, but I will soon ;-)
> By the way, I think that your work, with the right notes about
> being experimental and so on of course, should also be in the
> official wiki.
> A small question about the procedure you describe: is the t191
> cable only needed to backup the "vital parts of the calypso memory"
> or also to write the new firmware?
> By the way, yes, a distro able to flash and back-up everything
> without additional cables would be very appreciated.
> Internationalist greetings, Giacomo

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