testing the free calypso software

Michael Spacefalcon msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Mon Jan 27 21:52:57 CET 2014

joerg Reisenweber <joerg at openmoko.org> wrote:

> That's a bold misconception. OM wiki isn't censored, it just gets cleaned of
> SPAM and obviously incorrect AND hazardous info, like e.g. somebody suggesting
> to run wear tests against NAND to verify its formatting.

But I still think that it would be better for FreeCalypso to have its
own "identity" that is separate and independent from Openmoko, i.e.,
its own mailing list, its own website (wikified or otherwise) etc.

As a result of my involvement on another mailing list (on a topic that
is totally unrelated to mobile phones), I became aware of this document
from the ISO Technical Committee on terminology:


Simply put, the authors of the above statement from ISO TC37 emphasize
the importance of using terms which have a 1:1 mapping to the concepts
they are meant to stand for, i.e., 1 concept = 1 term.

As you and others have made it perfectly clear on numerous occasions,
the term "Openmoko" was never meant to stand for the concept of "free
(or open) GSM modem"; instead this term (according to you and other
high-standing community members, which I obviously am not) stands for
a different concept, namely that of "a free application processor with
a black box modem attached as a peripheral".  And because the name
"Openmoko" rightfully belongs to you and your former boss Sean Moss-
Pultz, it is not my place to try to change its meaning.

(In fact, Dr. HNS is effectively invoking this term=concept equivalence
 of "Openmoko" = "free AP with a black box modem as a peripheral" when
 he asserts the legitimacy of his GTA04 product as a non-downgrade
 successor to Om products.)

But I am working with a completely different concept, namely that of a
free GSM device, be it a modem or a complete "dumbphone".  And because
it is an entirely different concept than that which is mapped by the
term "Openmoko", by the principles of ISO TC37 my new concept calls
for a new term for referring to it.  Hence the name FreeCalypso was
born: I came up with this name about this time last year, following
exactly the line of reasoning I've just outlined, and my first public
announcement of FreeCalypso was this one:


The FreeCalypso project is very much in need of its own web/list home
under the ifctf.org domain name, which currently features only an FTP
site.  My desire is to create a lists.ifctf.org host first, hosting
Mailman mailing lists exactly like Openmoko and almost all FOSS
projects and technical communities have nowadays - anything else would
be seen as substandard, and therefore unattractive to me.  A website
for FreeCalypso (wikified or not) can be created later, but my first
focus is on the lists host on which we can create a proper new mailing
list for FreeCalypso.

And because I already have my own physical "datacenter" on my own
physical turf, I *will not* buy hosting from someone else who would
ask me to agree to their TOS or AUP or the like - hence my only option
is to use my own physical hardware.  A SAS JBOD chassis is already on
its way to me from ebay, already paid for; the drives are next - as
soon as I gather the cash to buy 6 SAS drives of some non-laughable
capacity (I refuse to use SATA, and I desire 6 drives to start with
for a raidz2 ZFS configuration - I'll be running OpenSXCE), I will
finally have the necessary hw, and will begin the setup/configuration


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