testing the free calypso software

David Matthews mail at dmatthews.org
Wed Jan 29 13:26:36 CET 2014

I've now prepared a second distro that can be used to flash the calypso with either of the two methods using Michael's loadtool program.

This distro uses QTmoko as a base and includes the loadtool-r2 release and both the leo2moko-r1 and moko11 firmware. As such, you do not need an unlock cable (although you can use this distro in conjunction with one) and you do not need to compile anything on your PC or freerunner. Like my initial offering, this distro runs from sdcard and boots from the NOR menu, so you do not need to disturb anything you have in NAND.

Full write up at


My thanks to Michael for his efforts so far to free the calypso and also to Radek for his continued work on QTmoko. 

David Matthews
mail at dmatthews.org

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