Kernel 3.x and Freerunner

Mike Crash mike at
Thu Jan 30 11:54:40 CET 2014


last two years I was busy with other private stuff, now I have returned
to my old projects and also my Neo. I have completely rewritten my
software and I want to compile it for Neo. But new software is not
compatible with old kernel (for example udev).

I have tried to boot up Neo and what a surprice, everything works as 2
years ago. Only battery has half of capacity...

I want to ask if there was some progress in support of Neo Freerunner in
stock kernel. I still use old 2.6.29 with openmoko modifications, is it
possible to use kernel 3.13? I don't need phone functionality, only
display, audio and gps. I have looked around, there are some Neo stuff
in stock kernel, but I don't know, if it is usable. Please can anybody
tell me, what's the situation now? Have anybody tried new stock kernels?

Thank you


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