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Mon Jul 7 16:26:31 CEST 2014

Hi Michael

Is a GTA02 debug board any use to you? I'd be happy to mail it to you if so.

>* 2014-12-31: GSM fw fully running on the Calypso baseband, controlled
>  by AT commands, which would be good enough for practical use on the
>  GTA02, but a toy on the other targets.  Voice + SMS only; adding CSD
>  and GPRS would be subsequent extra work.

Excellent - I'm glad you decided to continue. From what I've seen and heard of the UK supplier 3 (the only 3G only network here AFAIK), it's reasonable to think 2G is going to still be around for a good long while, at least in some parts of the world. 

>* 2015-06-30: the above plus the UI layers to make a Calypso dumbphone
>  with available schematics and no undocumented chips (e.g., Mot C139)
>  work as a practically usable cellphone running 100% free software
>  which any user can recompile from source and reflash at will.

In the hope of the project advancing to this stage, I'm interested in picking up a dumbphone before I return to SA. Is the C139 the best bet? I notice that osmocomBB says the C140 is virtually identical to this model. What about the other phones oBB list as targets - is it reasonable to hope they will usably run freecalypso? I'm guessing though that the gui code might be substantially model specific?

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