[qtmoko] Wifi && different locations

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Wed Mar 5 21:52:30 CET 2014

El día Wednesday, March 05, 2014 a las 09:29:55PM +0100, Boudewijn escribió:

> I'm not quite sure about the 'right' way to do it. I do remember that QtMoko 
> used to help by shuffling the strongest signal up to the top of the list. 
> The unfortunate bit was that it continued to do so while the user entered 
> credentials, and then applied the credentials to the then topmost entry, 
> whichever that would be at that moment. Result: mostly no connection, because 
> the connection that you entered credentials for tumbled down two or three 
> places for a second or so.

In my case it was that the AP in location B was visible in the list of
all APs after scan, but when I tried to configure it (i.e. put its
credentials) I could not see it in the list of the APs to configure
credentials, maybe due to the length of the list.

> Radek (I guess/presume) therefor turned off the dynamic rearrangement of the 
> visible-networks-list, cautioning that people in more than one network would 
> suffer what you just described. 
> I tried adding another network preset (on the 'main' internet tab, one more 
> WLAN configuration), but that one does not scan/connect at all.

Me too, with same result: adding a 2nd WLAN config does not let you do
anything with this.

Thanks for your feedback in any case.

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