FreeCalypso status

Michael Spacefalcon msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Fri Sep 19 19:36:54 CEST 2014

Nick <openmoko-community at> wrote:

> And am I correct in thinking that the latest revision of FreeCalypso 
> is this: 

It's the latest (and only so far) *practically usable* version.  The
full-source, gcc-built FreeCalypso firmware effort is trudging along
and got interesting progress (I got the TCS3.2 version of L1 running
on the Calypso), but it is still pretty far from usable: I'm just
beginning to integrate L23.

> Am I correct in thinking that once flashed, the phone should work 
> indistinguishably to the official firmware? SMS & voice both fully 
> work?

That has been David's experience indeed - unlike me, he uses his FR
running leo2moko with the end user hat on. :)  David, thanks for
testing and confirming the functionality of this fw.

> Do you still want calibration data? I can send it along if you like.

No real need, but you can send it along if you like.

> Finally, is there some way I can donate to you for this stuff?

Bitcoin donations are always welcome:

Non-Bitcoiners can donate by snail-mailing a check or money order to
the address on my domain name registration (Michael Sokolov, PO Box
488, Oceanside, CA 92049-0488, USA), but please be aware that with
this method, a portion of the check/MO amount would have to be wasted
on check cashing fees, between 3% and 10% depending on what kind of
check it is - because of my illegal living status, I cannot have a
bank account in my own name, hence I can only cash checks by utilizing
the sleazy check cashing outfits.  (No bank account in my own name
also rules out Paypal.)


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