OT: Ubuntu phone && HTML5 / QML

Alfa21-mobile freerunner at my.is.it
Mon Mar 16 14:38:54 UTC 2015

> Well, that is not the goal of the GTA04A5 project. It was focussed right
> from the beginning (and therefore still is) to give
> those who already have a GTA02 a much more powerful processor and some
> newer peripherals.
> Like a replacement motor for an old car.

I know, and also for me it's interesting a new engine for an old car, but
you will never exit from the 1&2 statement if new users will remain cut off
from the game, imho.

your solution is directed only to a subset of older users and this can
hardly embrace a wide audience that allows to lower the final prices

from my pov, you are cutting out both:
- fresh users, potentially interested in getting a real open phone
- old users, interested in getting an open phone competitive on price

> -1 The price. for me it is afordable at 170 euro vs +/- 600 euro for a
> neo900 and slightly less for the GTA04A5
> -2 The device is in "mass" production, compared to the volumes of GTA04
> or neo900
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