Free phone: smart or not?

Paul Wise pabs3 at
Tue Mar 17 09:57:30 UTC 2015

On Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 3:50 PM, Nick wrote:

> That said, I do like the idea of having access to strong encryption
> for SMS type messages and voice, but the way to do that which is
> compatible with what other people use is to use android apps that
> communicate over the internet. Which would require a much more
> complex device than a dumbphone, sadly.

I'm guessing you are talking about the software from Open Whisper
Systems (and WhatsApp)? There is a python port of axolotl, the
encryption system behind Signal/TextSecure (and WhatsApp). I don't
know of any code to fully support Signal/TextSecure on Linux but there
is yowsup for folks who want to interface with the WhatsApp network,
it now supports the axolotl encryption. I expect it wouldn't take much
to get that working on the FR, especially since there are already
Debian packages of both of those. You would need a UI though, yowsup
is command-line.


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