moko13-beta1 firmware release candidate for GTA01/02

Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at
Tue Aug 8 21:27:42 UTC 2017

Hello Om community,

It has been a long time since the last official modem fw release for
Openmoko GTA01/02 devices (leo2moko-r1 aka moko12 in late 2013), so I
decided that it is time for moko13.  The differences from moko11/12
are fairly minor, and mostly serve to bring the FreeRunner target
up-to-date with the recent FC firmware developments which FreeCalypso
users have already been enjoying on our own newly made FC modem

* The binary blob version of L1 has been replaced with recompilation
  from our reconstructed TCS211 L1 C source.  This change has a side
  effect of reverting the L1 patch from TI-Taiwan from 20080421 which
  was a stab-in-the-dark at the infamous bug #1024: L1 binary libs
  with this patch included were used in moko10, moko11 and moko12
  releases, but when I was deblobbing L1 (reconstructing recompilable
  C source that fits exactly in the place of the original blobs), my
  reconstruction produced C source that compiles into an equivalent of
  the original 20070608 version (used in moko3 through moko8), rather
  than the patched 20080421 version.  Because the patch in question
  did NOT fix or improve anything, was probably made as an experimental
  hack and was not on TI's internal mainline (as evidenced by not being
  present in the TCS3.2 L1 source for LoCosto), I have every reason to
  believe that this patch is unnecessary and that its removal will not
  cause any regressions.

* When the Calypso is used as a basic modem like in the GTA0x, most of
  its peripheral interface signals are unused, and typically left
  unconnected in the hardware.  Previous fw versions configured many
  of the unconnected GPIO and multifunction pins as inputs, resulting
  in floating inputs.  Standard hw engineering wisdom says that
  floating inputs are generally bad.  The new fw configures all unused
  and unconnected GPIOs as well as the unused and unconnected
  DSR_MODEM/LPG signal as outputs instead, eliminating the floating
  input situation.

* In the process of deblobbing the init module a bogon was discovered
  (which existed in all previous fw versions) that configured the IO1
  output (output, not input!) to also act as an interrupt source.
  This bogon has been removed.

Changes visible only to developers who use the debug trace interface
provided on the headset jack, and I mean use it to talk to the fw as
it runs, rather than just for flashing:

* An additional AT command channel is provided over RVTMUX, in addition
  to the standard one going to the phone's AP.  This mechanism makes
  it possible to exercise the modem to a large extent from an external
  host with no working software on the FreeRunner itself except U-Boot.

* The FFS access protocol has been changed from TMFFS1 to TMFFS2.  The
  new protocol is supported by our fc-fsio GSM device file system
  manipulation utility, but some old Windows tools that must have been
  used by Openmoko (of which I never found a copy, thus it is not
  known for certain if this sw still exists anywhere at all or not)
  may stop working.

* TI's GPF misfeature that suppressed the responses to "system primitive"
  commands has been fixed: if you send an sp command through fc-shell,
  you'll get the expected response as per GPF documentation.

The developer features listed above have been standard in FreeCalypso
for the past two years and are now taken for granted when doing any FC
work, but they had not made their way into a mokoN fw release until

Following the tradition established by my predecessors in Openmoko's
modem fw department, I am releasing the new firmware initially as
moko13-beta1, to be tested; if the test reports indicate that it is
good, the -beta1 designation will be dropped and the new fw will
become the official moko13.  The moko13-beta1 tarball for testing is

The Corresponding Source is here:

For help with flashing and testing this firmware update, please join
the FreeCalypso community mailing list:

Mychaela Falconia
Mother of FreeCalypso

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