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Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at
Tue Aug 29 19:02:31 UTC 2017

Fernando <fernando at> wrote:

> Having said that, I find the physical threats out of proportion
> for the intended benefit. Not to mention counterproductive.

Please cite at least one physical threat within the last 4 y, i.e.,
later than 2013-08, after the FreeCalypso social justice project
successfully ended and the FreeCalypso technical project began.

OTOH, if you are still hung up about ancient history, i.e., about the
unpleasant things I had to do back in 2013, I am sorry if you don't
like it, but there was no other way.  The people in question were
sitting on the *world's last remaining copy* of TI's TCS211 firmware
for the Calypso+Iota+Rita chipset, *no one else in the world* including
TI had a copy of this chipset fw any more, all other available TI
sources were only for their later LoCosto chipset.

The TCS211 source in question has been liberated in the fall of 2013
thanks to another comrade who did what I was not able to do myself.
It is unfortunate that no such person had stepped forward sooner, but
willingness of other people to step forward and do something which I
could not do myself is not something that I ever had any control over.

joerg Reisenweber wrote:

> wanna come shoot me once more?

For what purpose?  Just to shut you up, to stop the flow of negative
commentary from your mouth/fingers onto this list?  No thanks, I have
no interest in spending the rest of my life in prison for killing
someone who does nothing more than post a bunch of bitter commentary
on mailing lists - instead I would much rather spend my life doing
some actual productive work, like building new libre phones and modems
with the Calypso chipset and finishing the deblobbing of their fw.
Wanna show us some examples of some actual productive work YOU have
done lately?

Have a nice day!


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