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Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at
Tue Aug 29 20:13:26 UTC 2017

joerg Reisenweber wrote:

> the moral aspects of calling somebody out for removing "no parking" signs so
> people would have to pay tickets for unknowingly parking there, or not telling
> people that they are in danger to even *do time in jail* when they install and
> use a firmware that person provides, are not arguable in my world.

Please explain *just how* someone can be in danger of doing time in
jail for installing and using my bugfix updates for your buggy fw when
the actual radio transmissions from the modem remain exactly the same
whether you run the old buggy fw or one of my newer versions.  They
remain exactly the same because:

a) The hardware is obviously unchanged.

b) The RF calibration values in FFS originally written there on your
factory production line remain the same.  I do plan on offering a
recalibration service whereby a GTA01/02 device owner can send their
device to my FreeCalypso warranty service center, it gets recalibrated
at my family company on our R&S CMU200 (the same RF test machine we
use to calibrate the new FreeCalypso devices we produce ourselves) and
sent back to the owner with this fresh calibration, but this service
is not up yet, and when it does become available, it is naturally quite
separate from an end user merely installing a firmware update.

c) The L1 code in my current firmware is a perfect match in logic to
TI's 20070608 version which appears in your old fw versions moko3
through moko8, inclusive, a range which certainly includes whatever fw
version you used in your type approval process.

d) The radio protocol stack layers above L1 (collectively called L23)
have not changed since moko8 all the way through my current moko13,
with the exception of a few functional bugfixes which do not affect
radio operation in any way.

The only way in which the modem's radio operation can be changed after
installing one of my fw updates would be if the user not only installs
the actual fw update, but also changes the /gsm/com/rfcap file afterward
(with the fc-fsio utility's set-rfcap command) to reflect the actual
triband configuration of the hw.  But even in that case the only change
will be that the modem will no longer attempt to operate in the
unsupported and uncalibrated 4th band, which means *less* possible
radio transmission, not more.

Or are you saying that my fw updates are illegal simply because you
have made that public post from an email address saying
that is not officially endorsed by Openmoko the company?  If that is
your argument, then it can be easily proven that Openmoko the company
no longer exists as a legal entity in any country and that you
personally as a mere ex-employee of that no-longer-existing company
have no special power to make statements on its behalf.

And please give me at least one documented example of any police force
using extrasensory psychic powers to detect and arrest a user of a
phone whose firmware has been updated in a way which they deem to be
illegal.  Given that the actual radio transmissions remain absolutely
unchanged, they would need ESP in order to detect such an illegal fw

> telling OM about alleged violations of rules while bluntly admitting that you
> yourself don't care abouzt rules, have no clue about them and think they are
> made to get violated... YES that is the spacefalcon we know and love ... *NOT*

While I do not care for any of the laws imposed by any of the self-
appointed and ultimately illegitimate national governments, as an
engineer I am very diligent about making my very best effort to comply
with sensible technical standards, and I continue to argue that my
products are better in this regard than yours.


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