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Troy Benjegerdes hozer at
Tue Aug 29 23:26:33 UTC 2017

> On the note of "if only we could properly finance you", I actually
> happen to know some very good recently retired ASIC design engineers,
> and if there were "proper" financing available, I might be able to
> convince them to come out of retirement and work on a libre LTE modem
> ASIC project with me.  But the "proper" financing for a project of
> that sort would need to be well into millions of dollars, hence I am
> not holding my breath for any such venture.
> On the other hand, you can have a libre modem for GSM/2G based on the
> elderly Calypso chipset for much much less: the already-developed
> FCDEV3B modem boards for hobbyists and tinkerers will probably go for
> somewhere in the $500-600 USD range retail, and if you are interested
> in an SMT modem module (directly competing with SIM900 etc) based on
> the FreeCalypso core, the development cost would be somewhere in the
> low 5 digits USD, as opposed to the 7 digits for a new LTE modem ASIC.

Have you looked at the crazy things that have raised stupid amounts
just because they say 'blockchain buzzword buzzword PROFIT' recently?

If there was ever a time to do a $100 million dollar coin offering
for open-source hardware silicon, it would probably be now.

Choice of venue to incorporate said offering should be left to
supporting blockchain partner company lawyers.

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