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Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at
Wed Oct 11 06:17:58 UTC 2017

H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at> wrote:

> I wonder where you want to get all the tiny glue components from...
> E.g. toppoly display,

The last time I looked a few months ago, they were readily available
from AliExpress.

> pogo pins for speakers,

Are you talking about the ones on the motherboard itself?  Take a look
at this photo:

It is a semi-clone of the GTA02 motherboard made by an Iranian company;
it retains the Samsung AP and the Calypso modem from the GTA02, and I
developed some custom features in FreeCalypso firmware for them.  They
specifically needed the modem to be Calypso so they can do some special
things with it, and they hired me to implement the necessary firmware
support for their special features.

These people have made some changes to the functionality of the board
which make their board usable only for them and not for the community,
but as far as I can tell, all of the electromechanical interfaces are
unchanged from the original.  Thus all exotic components which sit on
the motherboard itself have been successfully located.  If these
Iranian folks have successfully made a GTA02 MB semi-clone with their
special modifications, we can likewise make one without those mods.

> speakers, vibramotor,

These are case components, not on the MB, but once again I remember my
Iranian contacts telling me that they got those components taken care
of somehow.  Literally the ONLY component they said they couldn't find
was the bow-shaped GSM antenna, which I assume would need to be
custom-recreated.  I told them about the green "cucumber" antenna
board depicted on your case kit page.

> battery connector,

On the motherboard and clearly visible in the GTA02 semi-clone board
photo above.

> HF08 battery,

Plenty of Chinese phone manufs make batteries in Nokia BL-6C form
factor, and it can't be too difficult to have a special version made
with an OM-style Coulomb counter built in.  Besides Christoph Pulster
told me that he still has a whole ton of NOS ones in stock.

> shields,

These would need to be custom-made, of course.

> And: can you produce Neo Freerunner plastic cases?

Sure, if someone pays for the cost of making new moulds.


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