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Kombipom kombipom at
Sat Aug 2 09:07:42 CEST 2008

On Sat, 2008-08-02 at 02:50 +0200, Fredrik Wendt wrote:
> I suggest that you let several profiles be active at the same time (work
> + meeting + after_lunch). That way I don't have to use the same settings
> for meetings held at work and privately (Linux user group for instance).
> (Default would then always be turned on.)
> Settings would be applied top down. The user puts profiles with the most
> important settings at the top and least important at the bottom, a
> simple prioritized list. Settings in a lower profile will not override
> that of a higher profile.
> The calendar would then only have to bother with turning the meeting
> profile on and off. The GPS (or GSM cell id) daemon/system would turn
> location profiles on and off. Clock would toggle working_hours,
> after_lunch, during_lunch, soccer_practice, simpsons_on_tv, ...
I think that this is a great idea to add flexibility, in order that the
user can choose a simpler system with straightforward profile switching
an option to "ignore presedence" could be included, this could then use
all the settings in the most recent profile selected, ignoring all other
profiles (as per Charlies idea).  

With Fredrik's scheme it would be nesissary to remove profiles from the
active list based on events just the same as setting them as active.
This is possible, isn't it?


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