Trying to Port Fitx(chinese input method) for Neo

Jim Huang at
Sat Aug 2 13:32:31 CEST 2008

2008/8/2 Dennis. Yxun <dennis.yxun at>:
> HI Feng:
>    Hey, I'm trying to find a chinese input method for Noe Freerunner which
> is a linux based mobile phone. It's an open platform and gain lots
> reputation.
> (refer for more information).
>    Seems that Fitx is quite fit for me.

The software stack behind ASU adapts X Window System, and it allows
X11 if configurations in libX11 are sufficient such as XLC and XIM

The most difficult problem might be the user interface connecting to
the abstraction of key stroke for the sake of lacking of physical
keyboard on Neo.

Technically speaking, I don't see other issues related to Fcitx
running on Neo.  I tried with SCIM (+ zh_TW) last year, and it worked

Best Regards,

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