Trying to Port Fitx(chinese input method) for NeoI

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Sun Aug 3 03:50:25 CEST 2008

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  I've not found any scim recipe file in OE's repository or OM's.
if you can point me any resource, would be great.
is there any written .bb files? or i should start from sratch

  And, i'm considering about Pinyin, so won't be big problem
with "key stroke".

  I'm talking about fitx, but you say fcitx ~@_@~

  Since fitx original design for Mac, written in object-C, depend
on Gnustep, and base on scim , scim-python? so, require extra work
 I didn't investigate too much, so something would be wrong,

 Another chinese input method for iphone,
 iCosta (, pretty cool,
but unfortunately it's just free ware, no code available.

Jim Huang wrote:
> 2008/8/2 Dennis. Yxun <dennis.yxun at>:
>> HI Feng:
>>    Hey, I'm trying to find a chinese input method for Noe Freerunner which
>> is a linux based mobile phone. It's an open platform and gain lots
>> reputation.
>> (refer for more information).
>>    Seems that Fitx is quite fit for me.
> The software stack behind ASU adapts X Window System, and it allows
> X11 if configurations in libX11 are sufficient such as XLC and XIM
> support.
> The most difficult problem might be the user interface connecting to
> the abstraction of key stroke for the sake of lacking of physical
> keyboard on Neo.
> Technically speaking, I don't see other issues related to Fcitx
> running on Neo.  I tried with SCIM (+ zh_TW) last year, and it worked
> preliminary.
> Best Regards,
> -jserv

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