IM/VoIP using Telepathy Framework Update

Deniz Koçak lenduha at
Sun Aug 3 16:27:09 CEST 2008


   My GSOC project is IM/VoIP using Telepathy Framework ( codename
Tumay :)  ,  a Turkish name "Tümay" ) and Its address is
Just to remember I have been using libempathy and libempathy-gtk
version 0.23.3 with little modifications on them. To see the changes
you can look at the patch of its recipe
in the project SCM. I also use GTK+ so all the interface part was
coded with it. I have receipts for necessary packages other than
connection managers
( except gabble an XMPP connection manager for telepathy ) in the projects SCM.

Upto now I worked on:

* Account management ( addition/deletion/editing)
* Simple send/receive message ( Now Multi User Chat is not supported,
means MSN chatroom facility or IRC would not be possible in the near
* Abosultely, presence choser/contact list and other basic stuff.
* A simple settings tab, but almost empty now ( because the lack of
any feature not any settings needed )
* Contact list management ( Adding /removing contact from the list -
also working on editing contact and personal details menu)

The features above can be unstable (may be not tested enough on
openmoko ), so you can call me anytime you want to shar your
happiness. :)
I am planning to enhance some parts of the GUI, make more packages and
adding new features to the items I listed above.

As you see I haven't been done anything about the VoIP part, but I am
planing to work on after the end of the GSOC "pencils down" deadline.
Its not much work I think, but I hope I can enhance it in the future.

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