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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On 3-Aug-08, at 12:36 PM, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
|> [...], as well as
|> on improving GTA02 audio quality. Even though he did a lot of tests,
|> right now he cannot reproduce any audio problems with our latest
|> generation A6 devices. So we have to see what comes from the factory
|> next and then test again to see whether any 'buzzing noise' issues are
|> left.
| I don't know if this is good news or bad news.
| When you say "with our latest generation A6 devices", does this mean
| that those new devices have hardware changes designed to improve audio
| quality relative to the Neo1973 and first batch of Freerunners? Or is
| the hardware still the same and you are just unable to reproduce the
| problems?

Wolfgang is talking about the buzz issue.  If it's true that A6 doesn't
make the buzz action, there are only 8 changes between A5 and A6, some
of them are definitely not implicated and two might be.  But the buzz
thing was always coming and going "randomly", I did not get convinced it
never comes on A6 yet.

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