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Mon Aug 4 10:26:52 CEST 2008

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Hi -

The combination of us moving some important functionality to a module,
and the finegrained module packaging we currently use have made a
problem for users.

I would like to propose we radically simplify how we deal with modules,
simply by pushing all the ones we create into the main kernel package.
This has one disadvantage, size on storage, but critical advantages like
guaranteeing you won't lack a module package and definitely the module
packages will be the correct version for the monolithic kernel.  Nor do
most users want to be involved in packaging decisions down to the extent
of individual modules, especially when they don't have anything that
lists them as a REQUIRES.

Considering we have 256MB / compressed by default I don't think the size
drawback is really an issue.

What do the folks who handle this packaging think about this proposal?

- -Andy
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