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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> but it's clear the module packages don't serve any purpose in GTA02
| Like avoiding to have to download dozens of megabytes of never used
| modules each time the kernel changes ? :)

If they're really "never used", let's stop making 'em.  Otherwise,
someone is using them, and when they found they wanted them can be
unpredictable.  It's no different from the rest of the files in the
rootfs, not all of those are used by all users.

| I can see the issue of kernel and modules getting out of sync. In fact,
| what's why I personally hate modules and try very hard to never depend
| on them. But I don't quite see how this misery could be substantially
| improved by rearranging the packaging structure.

On the issue of modules out of sync with monolithic kernel, moving to
modules in one package won't "substantially improve" loss of sync it
will eliminate it.  Similar as the effect of RREQUIRES we got now
apparently, it will also pull in all the module updates each time.  So
ignoring the extra noise in the packaging system what Graeme has done
seems fine.

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