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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> Assuming this is so, why do we generate a bazillion pointless module
|> packages still if having the kernel package brings 'em all in anyway,
|> and they will ALL be regenerated at each kernel package uplevel?
|> How is that "ahead" of just making a single kernel package that has the
|> modules in too?
| The reason why that is done in OE (as opposed to why OM should or should
| not do it) is because OE is used for devices with 8MB total of internal
| flash for kernel, modules and full rootfs.  In that environment, you
| want them to be as granular as possible so you don't waste jffs2 space.

Fine, although avoiding modules altogether for that tight squeeze can
also make sense.

| Of course, the GTA02 is not such a device, although some people may want
| to use jffs2 space for applications rather than a bazillion kernel
| modules that they will never use ...

If folks think we are making modules that will truly "never" get used,
we can weed them out.

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