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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| The total space eaten by all the modules is enormous. Even on GTA02,
| some 20% of total NAND storage would be taken up by them. So I think
| just installing all the modules isn't a viable option in that setting.

It's viable, AIUI it is what we have done :-)

|> Similar as the effect of RREQUIRES we got now
|> apparently, it will also pull in all the module updates each time.  So
| Hmm, that sounds wrong. It should only update modules that have
| actually been selected, not just the whole nightmare. In the latter
| case, there would indeed be no point in having packaging with finer
| granularity.

In this thread Graeme explained:

''Or we could just RRECOMEND kernel-modules which will drag in all
modules. See we are ahead.''

''Because GTA01 machine can RRECOMEND the modules it actually wants

GTA02 can RRECOMEND all the modules.''

So fine, it's a solution.

If we have a lot of modules, let's make a shortlist of any we think we
went overboard on and see if anyone wants to save them.  If they're all
good keep them all.

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