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Tue Aug 5 09:43:45 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| I changed GTA02 yesterday to install all modules built.
| This uses 5.6M of storage (uncompressed no idea how to get the
| compressed size out of jffs2)

2.3% of 256MB sounds fine, not even allowing for compression.

| I guess Werner made a valid point, do we need them all to be modules. I

That wasn't his point... he was saying do we need them all installed
because they take a lot of space.  But, they take the same storage space
monolithic as they do as modules.  So it's a different (but apposite) issue.

| know now I stopped debugging it I'm happy for sound to join monolithic
| kernel. I guess some of the file-systems can as well.

We have most of the FS we need in there already to facilitate SD boot.
Sound should definitely go in... I run a different config that already
has most of these internal so I don't have to care about touching the
rootfs for modules at all.  I'll diff it and make a thread about it
later on the kernel list.

| This change if on branch, ASU guys will have to
| decide if its a change they want to cherry pick.

If we didn't do anything about it for all customers, they will still
break their devices for Ethernet over USB access when they update
kernel, by default?  That'd be bad.  I hope we pick up this change all
over so everyone has a smoother ride on update.

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