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Tue Aug 5 10:46:09 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> Moving Ethernet over USB into a module exposed existing problems that
|> need solving anyway.  We did not take care about module versioning, and
|> we should deprecate monolithic kernel -only updates (ie, DFU) for normal
|> use if we use modules at all.
| Well, as long as we can make sure no essential features depend on
| modules and that modules with the wrong version get rejected, a
| monolithic kernel would be good enough to get us going.
| So it seems that, if we
| - enable module versioning (heh, never notices that one ;-), and

You might noticed I called it "module versioning" :-)  But we have
another way to come at by EXTRAVERSION with the git hash, that solves
another issue too.

| - put EoUSB back in the monolithic kernel for now
| we should be good for a while, no ?

:-)  Nothing will get solved if there is no pressure to solve it.
Graeme's action with the packages takes the edge off it for customers,
now we have some opportunities to go forward.

When any modules exist and are used in rootfs, DFU in kernel partition
is illegal anyway, at best reserved for special situation.  If people
are going to use packages, they have to use the packages and cannot go
on using DFU for only the monolithic kernel with modules and packaged
rootfs interchangeably, right?

<snip excited fantasies>

| partition, teach u-boot some math, or add the backup kernel partition
| to he magic device-dependent u-boot environment variables. In any
| case, you need to update the environment.

Yes, regrettably we didn't take care about it before by allocating a
partition :-)  But don't you think a backup kernel is a Good Idea?  We
can use DFU in kernel partition to get it in there and make it clear DFU
is no longer the way to do generic stock kernel update.

I have a shell script lying around that generates U-Boot partition
format data in Linux, that needn't be a big problem.

- -Andy
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