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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Tuesday 05 of August 2008 10:26:38 Werner Almesberger wrote:
|> Andy Green wrote:
|>> Moving Ethernet over USB into a module exposed existing problems
|>> that need solving anyway.  We did not take care about module
|>> versioning, and we should deprecate monolithic kernel -only updates
|>> (ie, DFU) for normal use if we use modules at all.
|> Well, as long as we can make sure no essential features depend on
|> modules and that modules with the wrong version get rejected, a
|> monolithic kernel would be good enough to get us going.
| I was thinking that some Openmoko developers are working on making boot
| faster not slower...
| Having USB Host functionality in kernel will enlarge time spent on
| booting. When you load USB Host later during start it can be done in any
| time. And gta01/02 require it for Bluetooth...

In truth kernel init time + USB Host driver init is a fraction of the
boot time, to the point it is meaningless to worry about it.  JFFS2
mount is three or four or more times the delay of the whole kernel
bringup, and the rootfs init still towers above it all.

You're talking about a few ms vs hundreds of seconds.

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