Kernel package and modules

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Aug 5 11:12:08 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> When any modules exist and are used in rootfs, DFU in kernel partition
> is illegal anyway, at best reserved for special situation.

Yeah, there's certainly a huge mismatch potential there. What I'm
worried about is to make the kernel developer setup too different
from the user setup. That way, we'll have a hard time reproducing

> Yes, regrettably we didn't take care about it before by allocating a
> partition :-)  But don't you think a backup kernel is a Good Idea?

Since we have DFU, we don't really need it. Unless, of course, you
outlaw DFU :-)

I think the whole boot process in GTA01 and GTA02 is a huge mess,
and we're probably best off if we don't try to tweak it too much.
(And it's even worse if the tweaking happens on the live subject,
so to speak, i.e., in code that's going out to the masses the next

In GTA03, we'll have a much cleaner solution, including the ability
to access any number of alternative kernels, and then we can put
the things we like back into GTA01/GTA02. (Or maybe even leave it
to others to do that, while we travel to entirely new frontiers :)

- Werner

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