Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Aug 5 12:13:51 CEST 2008

We had a meeting in Taipei to try to cleanup the folder structure ahead of the Om 2008.8 release  
(formerly known as ASU).
First we created a new subfolder obsolete/, and moved the following  
folders into it:


The one that was a bit controversial was snapshots/ - is anyone still  
using the repositories in that folder?

Then we renamed openmoko-repository/ to just repository/, and the  
repositories inside from Freerunner/ to Om2007.7/ and from ASU/ to  
Julian will fix the build and rsync scripts so that tomorrow's daily  
build will update the files in the new locations.
Tick will make some changes to the community repository, not sure  
exactly how that will look like in the end.
We will check the repository path we have in the rootfs in releases/ 
Freerunner/ and make a symlink so that it points to repository/Om2007.7/

I understand these changes will break stuff in a number of places,  
links from the wiki, sources.list etc. We felt that cleaning this up  
was important so that people wouldn't accidentally get lost in the  
various folders that are actually obsolete.
Nothing was deleted, so if we got something wrong or overlooked  
something, it's not too late to change back.
Best Regards,

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