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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Tuesday 05 of August 2008 10:53:55 Andy Green wrote:
|> JFFS2 mount is three or four or more times the delay of the whole
|> kernel bringup, and the rootfs init still towers above it all.
| What about people who boots from SD cards?

Like me... it still takes longer than a few ms to mount ext3, although
it is hugely faster than jffs2.

Anyway if it cheers you up, currently bringing up WLAN by default in
monolithic kernel costs 300ms.  If someone can figure out a way to
provoke a rescan nicely, we can defer that until someone turns WLAN on,
saving power and 300ms at boot, enough to hide a ton of driver inits.
So we can get to waiting for the userspace boot that much quicker.

I already have a patch to enable and disable WLAN down /sys, just can't
see how to tell the SDIO stack about it in a way that works.

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