nfs on ASU

Guillaume Chereau charlie at
Tue Aug 5 13:25:34 CEST 2008

> | Am 05.08.2008 um 11:15 schrieb Andy Green:
> |> What workflow are you trying to achieve with NFS?  Unless you're
> |> changing large files a lot, scp to NAND or SD Card works well.
Well, what I do is editing -python- scripts on my host, and executing
them on my neo.

Mickey said :
> | Nothing beats the elegance of editing a file on the desktop and
> | rerunning the application on the Neo without doing any cp or scp.
Yes you gave me this tip before and I can't live without it now :) that
is why I was disappointed when I saw no NFS support on ASU.

Thanks Mickey, I'll try to update the kernel with the the one from FSO,
should do the trick.

Andy Green:
> It does create a discontiguity though in the sense you can't just pick
> up your GTA02 and walk away with it, whereas the methods working on its
> local storage allow it.  And, local execution matches final shipping
> action better.
That is understood, but for development I don't like to run scp all the
time. sshfs is a solution. That is what I used to do before, but still I
prefer NFS than sshfs.
> Anyway, whatever floats your boat.  If you're updating 20MBytes of stuff
> each build it would get old waiting for scp each time (although you're
> still waiting in the end).
eheh, the problem is not really the time it takes to copy the file, but
the time it takes ME to run the scp command !
Yes, I am that lazy :)

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