Kernel versioning [was Re: Kernel package and modules]

Joachim Steiger roh at
Tue Aug 5 19:10:18 CEST 2008

> *sigh*  Well, I tried.  Perhaps I'm not the convincing orator
> (emailator?) that is required to present the customer-support POV.
> Further, it's unclear to whom the argument needs to be presented.
> I'll figure out some means -- despite your unilateral decision -- to
> ensure that the average joe-geek who bought the phone can flash an
> experimental kernel and test it with ease, low-risk, and as small an
> effort as possible.  It'll just have to be another community effort.

not really.

my view of this:

default should be: users don't shoot themselves into the foot. -> andys
last proposal.

from man modprobe:

 -f --force
     Try to strip any  versioning  information  from  the module,
     which  might otherwise stop it from loading: this is the same
     as using both --force-vermagic and --force-modversion.  Natu‐
     rally,  these  checks are there for your protection, so using
     this option is dangerous.

     This applies to any modules inserted:  both  the  module  (or
     alias) on the command line, and any modules it depends on.

i guess even a simple --force-modversion would be enough, since the
modmagic should fit in any case when trying this.

sounds like it should be in some howto when modversion restriction is
getting implemented. ;)



Joachim Steiger
Openmoko Central Services

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