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Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Wed Aug 6 08:04:50 CEST 2008

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Hi -

The discussion about where to put a git hash for versioning is too
esoteric to get passionate about in itself.  I woke up this morning
realizing what the actual issue is here.

Mike has been putting out some kernel binaries on his page for a while,
just the monolithic kernel.  Until now, that has generally worked out OK
because his sources are presumably largely tracking our git and his
kernel binary re-used the modules installed by our packages.

However once we properly protect modules against being used by a
different kernel, as I propose and would like to see happen, Mike and
others will be unable to ad-hoc issue third party binary kernels as
before due to all the extra modules being missing.

What we could do with is a short and sweet way to build kernel
*packages* described without taking on the whole OE experience.  The
kernel should be pretty amenable to this because it has no dependencies
on the rest of the target side during build.  Like, "wget this bb file
from here, and run xyz in the kernel dir, you will find an opkg left there".

Mike would then be able to go on with his kernel binaries on an even
footing with ours, as packages, and I guess his objection to protecting
the modules against use by wrong kernel will disappear.

- -Andy
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