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Hello! I've been lurking here and on the Wiki, and I have a sound issue I can't resolve. (OM2007.2 upgraded regularly)

I currently get no sound through speakers in a call, and no sound is sent from my phone. It used to work, but changed sometime around July 28th, probably after I tried to follow the Wiki and store .state files.
Ringer and mediaplayer play very softly through the speakers, but calls are silent.

If I mute "Amp Spkr", then the ringer is loud in headphones, but still no voices with headphones either.

Can anyone help me restore sane values? Perhaps some default .state files, or maybe a better explanation of which settings affect which components and how the .state files interact?



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i currently trying to create a volume control applet for the 2007.02 panel.
it is easy to access the alsa mixer and modify the values,
my problem is  that neod or phone-kit automatically switches alsa stored 
after some events happen (call established, headphones plugged in)

is there a way to detect that a stored file is loaded? (without detect 
that the mixer values runs crazy)
or should i listen to the same events and simple overwrite the settings 
after some seconds AFTER neod or phone-kit.

ps. the idea behind the panel is to give the user max 2 value bars to 
change the volume and mic volume.,
the applet detects headphones and changes the right mixer.



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