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the can also be useful if you're in an environment with multiple linux

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dear all,

thanks to graeme, the modification i did to the upstream has
merged into  so i think you will be interested to know that
now we can use class 'icecc' in our office environment to reduce the
resource used on your local desktop and enhance the build speed of OE.

(icecc is a distributed compile system)

how to enable it?

1. install icecc and, optionally, install icecc-monitor with apt-get
   or equivalent.

2. in you local.conf:

   # use icecc
   INHERIT += "icecc"

   # you can set it to 15 but the bigger overhead will slow down your
   # system.  find a balance that works for you.
   PARALLEL_MAKE = "-j 8"

   # besides running more then one compiler, you can also run more
   # then one bitbake.

3. check icecc-monitor to see if it's really working.

that's it.  hope this helps.


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