Packaged kernel erase on update / updating SD Card Booted kernel from package

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> There's another case where you updated the kernel during jffs2 rootfs
|> booted session, but you also boot on SD Card other times.  Then, it
|> would be good if it made sure that the kernel update action also
|> updated what would be /media/card/boot -- previously I stuck my
|> kernels in / but /boot is fine now I see it is the convention -- if
|> there was a uImage.bin already in there.
| Hmm, there is a very good tradition in packaging systems to not fsck
| with data outside of / for very good reasons. Im not sure I like the
| automatically overwriting stuff on mounted media without knowing what
| it is.

Well, the suggestion is to confirm there was a uImage.bin already there.
~ But, I don't disagree with your caution.

Thinking about it, it maybe doesn't matter.  The SD Card will have its
own rootfs on it in that case anyway.  It only starts to matter if you
mix kernels and rootfs from different device, that's not normal
situation.  So it's probably OK if you can expect to update kernel
separately on each boot from each device.

|> Did you see any problem with the flash_erase --> first 4MBytes of
|> kernel partition thing?
| No problems I can see, but gta01 is so old I cant remeber what its
| partitioning is like.

According to this

It just has 2MB


so we should leave gta01 kernel erase / write action alone.

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