Packaged kernel erase on update / updating SD Card Booted kernel from package

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Thu Aug 7 18:28:45 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> There's another case where you updated the kernel during jffs2 rootfs
|> booted session, but you also boot on SD Card other times.  Then, it
|> would be good if it made sure that the kernel update action also updated
|> what would be /media/card/boot -- previously I stuck my kernels in / but
|> /boot is fine now I see it is the convention -- if there was a
|> uImage.bin already in there.
| If you change rootfs you also change your package database (it's a
| different rootfs after all), so running 'opkg update ; opkg upgrade'
| will upgrade the uImage in /boot (which is now on SD).

Yeah, I figured this out about 9 minutes before you, see elsewhere in
the thread.

| If I were using an sd card as backup rootfs I would *not* appreciate it
| some update script blows away known-working kernels everywhere outside
| /boot because some openmoko kernel developer has a fetish about only
| using his divinely approved kernel with a zillion git hashes stuffed in
| its version.

Bitter about something that didn't happen, for unrelated reasons?
Thanks for letting me know!

- -Andy

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