about bug tracking

regina regina_kim at openmoko.com
Fri Aug 8 11:58:39 CEST 2008

Good afternoon everyone   :-) 

i would like to talk few thing about Trac tickets.

-  i discovered there are still many bugs "New" status .
   few bugs are created more than month.
   is anybody looking into that bug ?

-  please put in "testing" status if it has fixed. otherwise testing 
team will not treat.

-  we will keep looking at bugs which are sometimes or rarely comes out 
even can not  reproduce
   with new image.
   so i asked Gimso and Roh to add property to reproducible 
status.(refer admin trac No.1489)
   we will collecting this type of bugs and keep watching  around 1~2 
weeks or more.

-  to close ticket by testing team always.
   testing team will verify the bugs then will close ticket even that 
just invalid ticket.

-  Please CC to "testing at openmoko.com" when create ticket.
   (testing at openmoko.com will send to Wendy ,Regina, Will)

please notify if any Question or more Opinion.

Best Regards,

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