Openmoko Bug #1792: SMS not received properly during suspend

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Sun Aug 10 05:12:41 CEST 2008

#1792: SMS not received properly during suspend
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 I'm running Om2008.8 on my Freerunner and have problems receiving SMS
 messages during suspend. I can reproduce this by suspending my Neo and
 sending a test message from another phone. I immediately get a receipt
 confirmation on the other phone.

 Expected result: Neo should wake up on receiving SMS (or at least show me
 the SMS immediately when I wake it up manually)

 Actual result: Neo keeps sleeping. After I wake it up manually, no sign of
 incoming SMS. Some minutes later, I manually start up the Messages
 application, and only now the Neo starts vibrating and the received SMS
 shows up.

 I'll attach a log file.

 To me it looks like the Neo's GSM subsystem receives the message, but
 doesn't wake up the phone and instead saves the message into the SIM
 card's internal memory. The SMS then only shows up when Qtopia feels like
 asking the SIM card for messages the next time (e.g., when starting up the
 Messages application).

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